About Heidi

I qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 2016, gaining a BSc honours degree in Herbal Medicine which allowed me entry into the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). As a member of NIMH I abide by a strict code of ethics and am obliged to continue my professional development by attending regular seminars, lectures and workshops.

My degree included over 750 hours of clinical experience at the Stratford Centre for Herbal Medicine and Whipps Cross Hospital. At both clinics, I gained experience in observing and treating many different conditions and discovered how satisfying it felt to make a difference to someone’s life. I was trained to carry out physical examinations on patients in order to make a diagnosis in a similar way to medical students.

How did I get here? As a teenager (and into my twenties whilst studying for my first degree in Psychology) I was the Saturday girl at what was then Firmcroft Pharmacy in South Green, Billericay. Although I didn’t study pharmacy I learned a great deal about orthodox medication (drugs) from my pharmacist, Kirit. He was also very interested in alternative medicine which in turn fuelled my interest.

So, after my first degree, I “accidentally” fell into university administration – it appealed to my obsession for organisation but never really felt like what I was supposed to do. In 2010, after years of dabbling in some simple herbal medicine for minor ailments, I decided that I needed to know what I was doing, even if only for the sake of myself and my family! After two years of the course (which eventually took me six years as I was working full time for most of it) I knew that I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life.

As a herbalist, I am particularly interested in mental and emotional health (stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia), and helping people achieve good results in sport and exercise (my final year dissertation looked at the effects of herbs on delayed-onset muscle soreness/DOMS after exercise). In February 2021 I obtained my Mental Health First Aid certificate. See What can herbal medicine help you with? to see what other conditions I can help with.

Concerned that I might be against caffeine/chocolate/alcohol/prescribed medication? Try me. Everyone needs a vice (mine is bright red, chock-full of chemicals hair dye) and my experience from the pharmacy has taught me to work alongside orthodox medication (and your GP) if need be. My degree has given me a sound knowledge of drug/herb interactions and I have access to the latest research.

In my spare time my other obsession is rock climbing at High Sports Basildon  and outdoors in Snowdonia, the Peak District and Portland to name a few.

As a Billericay “girl” since the 70's I feel a strong sense of community and am looking forward to helping you reach your optimum state of health and wellbeing. Why not give me a try?