What can herbal medicine help you with?

Herbs can be effective in many conditions normally treated by your GP or over the counter at your local pharmacy. They can be especially helpful in chronic (long-term) conditions. I certainly don’t believe they are an alternative to drugs in severe or life-threatening conditions but I am more than happy to work alongside your consultant/GP to see if we can help your general health or ease side effects.

Digestion: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn/reflux, constipation, stomach ulcers, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis;
Skin: eczema, psoriasis, acne;
Allergies/respiratory: lung issues, hayfever, asthma, bronchitis, coughs/colds, sinusitis;
Energy/fatigue/wellness: insomnia, ME, post viral fatigue, “always getting ill”, staying in tip top condition for sport, work, studying or life in general!
Emotional/nervous system: Stress, migraine, headaches, depression, anxiety, Parkinsons, insomnia;
Hormones: type 2 diabetes, thyroid issues, BPH (enlarged prostate), PMT, painful/heavy/irregular periods, menopause, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), urinary tract infections, fertility;
Joints/bones/muscles: Arthritis (rheumatoid and osteo-), sports injuries, tendon/ligament issues, Lupus (SLE), ankylosing spondylitis, gout, fibromyalgia;
Cancer support: nausea, sleep issues, skin reactions from radiotherapy;
Heart and circulation: high blood pressure and cholesterol, varicose veins, some heart conditions, “poor circulation”;
Nutrition: for all of the above!

…and many more! Give me a call and we can discuss your health concern.