Please see "What do you get for your money?"

ADULTS: Initial consultation (1 hour) plus FREE 15 minute catch up session after two weeks - £65

CHILDREN (under 18 or under 21 and full time student): Initial consultation (30 minutes) plus FREE 15 minute catch up session after one week - £35

Subsequent follow up consultations (30 minutes) - £35

Tinctures - £10 per 100ml (lasts one week, longer for children depending on age)

Prescribed teas - £5 per 50g

Creams - £5 per 30ml


To be taken at time of consultation by card.

Cancellation policy:

Please contact me within 24 hours of your appointment via phone or email to let me know if you cannot attend, failure to do this may result in a cancellation fee of half the cost of the consultation.

Please note that parking in Billericay can be difficult sometimes with queues for car parks at peak times so bear this in mind! As there will probably be another patient booked in after you, I will not be able to overrun if you are running late.