Everyone’s menopause is different…so is their herbal prescription!

Felt I needed to wave my arms around a bit after last night's programme Sex, Myths and Menopause with Davina McCall. Fantastic to see the menopause being talked about openly - it happens to us all, and I couldn't agree more that we don't have to just take what is thrown at us!

BUT: I feel I need to add a couple of things. HRT isn't for everyone, and it doesn't always sort out all of your problems. Everyone's menopause, and perimenopause, is different! And this is why a medical herbalist speaks to you for an hour about your experiences before prescribing you a bespoke mixture of excellent quality herbs...which can then evolve and change as YOU change.

The "herbs don't work" experience tends to come from people buying one herb over the counter. The quality is often unknown, and it generally takes a combination of herbs, with different actions, to do the job. What symptoms are you experiencing? Irregular and/or heavy periods? Mood swings? An increase in PMS? Brain fog? Memory loss? Loss of libido? Vaginal dryness or atrophy? Increased anxiety? Snapping at everyone? Low energy? Bad sleep? Hot flushes? Bloating? Joint pain? More UTIs? I can help!

Herbs can be prescribed alongside HRT - a medical herbalist is trained to make sure there are no interactions. We also look at your diet and lifestyle. It's a holistic approach - we take into account the whole of you. Herbs can also help protect your heart and cardiovascular system, your brain, and your bones.

Sorry if this comes across a bit shouty but I feel I need to shout: