What is a tincture?

Some of my tinctures

Tinctures are an alcoholic liquid made by steeping either the fresh or dried herb in different strengths of an alcohol/water solution for several weeks in order to extract the active ingredients of that herb. Most of the time this means a tincture gives a stronger dose of the active ingredient than, for example, a tea. Tinctures also have a much longer shelf life than teas.

They shouldn’t put you over the driving limit though! The usual dose is 5ml (a teaspoon) three times a day. This would be the equivalent of about an eighth to a quarter of a unit of alcohol (1 unit is a single shot of spirits or half a pint of low-strength beer

Tinctures can be an acquired taste. They shouldn’t be taken neat but diluted in a little water or fruit juice. Some taste fairly pleasant…some are not so agreeable! It won’t be long until you can knock it back without noticing though.

My tinctures come from reputable, quality controlled UK suppliers, are organic where possible and from sustainable sources.

If you're not comfortable for any reason with taking alcohol, there are other ways of taking herbal medicine, please just ask.